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URL Shortener & Link Management Platform

TinyAs Free URL Shortener & Link Management Platform is a powerful one-stop URL shortening solution for digital marketers, brands, media agencies, affiliates, web-developers, freelancers, social media marketers, influencers, e-commerce stores and other professionals to get total control over all links you share. It’s easy-to-use, 100% Free, cloud-based, custom URL Shortener & Link Management Platform with Ad-Free direct redirects in a Brand Safe environment. Start shortening long URLs in one-click and track short links performance in real-time.

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Amplify Links Shortening Performance

Shorten links directly from your browser without logging into your TinyAs URL Shortener account. Click and Drag the Bookmarklet button from user's dashboard to your browser's bookmarks toolbar.

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tinyas link management platform

Link Management Platform

Manage All Your Short Links in One Place

With our feature-rich link management platform, you have everything you need to edit, customize, analyze, optimize your tiny URL. So, you have total control over all the links you shorten and share in one place. Take advantage of TinyAs link management platform to make better, smarter, data-driven decisions on how and where to share your custom short links with more return. With our in-depth reporting and analytics, you can track and measure performance, as well as use the insights to know more about what campaigns are popular to improve and optimize your marketing efforts. To use all these features, it's highly recommended to register your TinyAs URL Shortener account before you start to shorten link. The sign up process is completely Free and takes only a few minutes.

Custom Short Links (Branded URLs)

Effective Marketing Solution for Brands

TinyAs Free URL shortener offers lots of Premium Features that give you more opportunities to target your short link to the right audience and increase your brand recognition. One of them is a custom alias, or a custom URL slug in your short link. You can create the custom alias by adding your own keyword (e.g. a keyword, related to your brand or product) to the very end of your tiny URL so, users will see the finished look of your custom branded URL. This is a pretty useful tool allows your customers to recognize your brand or product more easily. Custom branded short URL can definitely boost brand awareness when shared across your marketing channels. Moreover, custom branded URL receives more clicks than generic short URL. Therefore, you can significantly boost click-through rate (CTR) for your marketing campaign. All you need to do is to sign up for TinyAs URL Shortener account and enjoy Premium Features absolutely Free. Deliver your marketing message to the right audience using "Branded URL" feature.

tinyas custom links

tinyas smart links

Smart Links (Smart Redirects)

Smart Links for Smart Business

Targeting is the core of every marketing campaign. A smart targeting allows you to effectively share your custom short links with desired audience. TinyAs Free URL shortener & link management platform offers vast targeting capabilities by:
   Device Type
   Device Model
   and more ...
Efficiency is key. So, we offer smart links to our clients to make sure that your marketing message to be successfully delivered to your target audiences.

Analytics & Reporting

Get Access to Real-Time Reporting & Analysis

The user's dashboard is so comprehensive that allows you to control everything you need for your marketing campaign to be successful. Registered user has an opportunity to track, analyze and optimize performance of short URL by continents, countries, states, cities, platforms, device brand, device name, referrers, browsers, social media networks, etc. Detailed analytics is an essential element in creating successful strategy for your marketing campaign and track audience engagement. If you are looking for more powerful tools and real-time analytics to improve and optimize your campaign on the fly all you need to do is to create TinyAs URL Shortener account.

tinyas real-time analytics & reporting

Building Smarter Links for Enhanced Performance

Deliver your marketing message to target audience in an ad-free and brand-safe environment, drive more quality traffic, increase CTR and build brand awareness using custom short URLs. Get instant access to all Premium Features without the need for a paid upgrade.

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URL Shortener & Link Management Platform Key Benefits

Total Control Over Your Short Links in a Brand-Safe Environment

100% Free URL Shortener


Ad-Free Premium Services


State-Of-The-Art Technology


Cloud-Based Link Management Platform


Powerful Graphical Dashboard


Vast Targeting Capabilities


Fast and Reliable Direct Redirects


Real-Time Reporting and Analysis


Shorten, Customize, Share, Track & Optimize Your Short Links Performance

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