How QR Codes Can Help to Grow Your Business

Business growth mainly relies on two main attributes: sales strategy, and successful marketing. Businesses ability to target their audience in innovative ways is what helps them thrive in the marketplace.
QR code is a highly innovative and unique technology that has been around for a long time. But has gained popularity in recent years by offering a wide variety of applications. It is believed that QR codes are quite useful for businesses of all scales and can have a direct influence on its growth.

QR codes help to grow your business

In this article, we will explore QR codes. What are they, how they are assisting businesses in their marketing efforts, and whether it is something you should be using in your marketing campaigns. Let’s dive in!

What are QR Codes?

A QR code or quick response code is similar to a barcode code and is used to store relevant information. Usually, these codes are black and white but their colors may vary. Whatever the color is, as long as they are on a scannable surface, they are considered valid.
The purpose of QR codes is to store information in a form that can be easily accessed by smartphones and computers. These codes can be used to share different kinds of information for multiple purposes. Some common uses include providing links to websites or products, providing downloadable apps, presentation of social media profiles, sending a text message, allowing participants to join a webinar, send emails, carry information about products, and much more.

Innovative Ways to Use QR codes for Businesses

1. QR codes for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers can use QR codes in several ways for their marketing needs, including:

• Print ads

If you want to take advantage of offline marketing then print ads are a great choice for you. You can add a QR code to your flyers, posters, brochures, and other print materials. People can scan the code and directly interact with your business and offers. There will be no need to worry about remembering a phone number or website address at all.

• Swag items

In case your business regularly provides the facility of vendor booths, then there is a possibility that you may offer your visitors branded accessories like t-shirts, pencils, wall clocks, etc. You can add a QR code to your goodies to help potential customers to reach out to your business.

• Coupons

Who hates to save on coupons? You can add QR codes to your coupons to offer exclusive discounts on your services or products.

• Networking

QR codes are a great way to connect with entrepreneurs and other business opportunities without going through the extra papers or business cards. You can simply offer your QR code and after scanning that people will be able to access your digital business card right on their phone. Cool right?

2. QR Codes for Real Estates

A Virtual Tour of the property available just a scan away. How amazing that would be?
By putting a QR code on the home spec sheet, real estate agents can save their potential buyers from the trouble of visiting a website and searching for the relevant information. Buyers can simply scan the QR code and have a visual tour of the particular property they are interested in. Moreover, the QR code can be forwarded easily. So, the clients can send it to their family members to make a purchase decision.
Customers like to have complete information before calling any sales agent. By using a QR code for your listing, you are providing them the hottest lead comprising all the information they needed about the property.

3. QR Codes for Restaurant and Pubs

Restaurants and pubs can use QR codes to allow customers to preview menu cards from their smartphones and place orders just in one click. It's fast, efficient, and absolutely safe.
Moreover, QR codes can be used, for instance, to offer special discounts, or create successful marketing campaigns. It would be great to place a QR code on the POS to promote a limited time/ special offer. A simple scan can grow your fan base and help you get loyal customers. This interactive marketing not only leads to more traffic but a higher response and conversion. Especially with the dramatic rise of the Internet, the younger audience is more attracted towards engaging marketing campaigns.

Can You Trace QR Codes?

Anyone spending his time to create and distribute QR codes will definitely want to ensure that the business can trace the progress and success of campaigns using QR codes. And the concern is absolutely valid. QR codes are similar to short links and are definitely trackable.
You can use to create QR codes that can link to your article, web pages, products, or services. You will be able to track and manage all your links on the TinyAs user dashboard.

QR codes for businesses

Is QR Codes a Smart Choice for Businesses?

If you are still confused about whether a QR code will be a good addition to your business or not, here are a few questions that can help you to decide.

• Who is your target audience?

The first thing you should know about is your audience. Who are they and are they able to scan the code? Do they really need the information you are trying to communicate?

• Do you have time to monitor your progress?

No business flourishes without the dedication to see the campaign results. Make sure you have time or staff to monitor your campaigns. If the situation is different, then shelve this campaign for some other time.

• What is the goal?

If you plan to attract your customers to participate in a sale, visit your shop, make a purchase, or visit a site, then QR codes are right for you.

Bottom Line

QR codes are a great way to engage with your audience through the power of technology. By using QR codes, you can improve your consumer's experience and track how people interact with your business. Proper use of QR codes in marketing can benefit businesses in ways you never imagined. Follow the above-mentioned tips to know if QR codes are right for your business.

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Published on: 3/4/21, 7:42 PM