How to Effectively Use Short Links on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (handy strategies)

Using a strong link shortening strategy is an effective way of business promotion. Especially on social media, short links are way more productive than long ones. However, adopting a similar marketing approach to every platform may hamper your chances of winning more leads.
This article will discuss how you can effectively use short links on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We will show you some innovative ways so you can add your desired links to your stories, user profiles, and much more. Let's begin.

how to use short links on social media

Using Short Links on Facebook

There are numerous ways by which users can incorporate links into their profiles and posts. And, of course, not all of the strategies are obvious! Incorporating links on Facebook is relatively easy. But there are some tips or tricks for making them effective according to business perspectives. Let's look at why you need a shortened link for Facebook and how you would make your business stand out from your competitors by using short links.
Among the most powerful social media platforms for businesses, Facebook has maintained its top position in the social world. The dilemma is that Facebook does not shorten the inserted links automatically, making your content suspicious and hard to follow. Please do not leave things up to chance; it is best to use short URLs for showcasing your brands, businesses, products, services, and much more.
Basically, "to post links" we paste it into the updating text or post, and Facebook generates an automatic link preview that contains title, body/main article, and selected thumbnails. But these links are nothing more than a bunch of random characters and numbers. To make the post more engaging, we can use link shorteners to work better for us!
It won't be surprising if you miss a potential customer just because of ugly-looking distrustful links. Remove unnecessary links that are pretty long to posts and look unattractive. Keep it concise, and for better outcomes, choose a good thumbnail or find an associated image to influence the users.

Using Short Links on Instagram

Instagram is amongst the most valuable platforms for spreading business and product-related awareness. But the platform also has a history of being the most link-resistance social site. The fact is, to date, Instagram only allows its users to add clickable links in their profile bio.
The most tremendous, practical, and influential social media platform, after Facebook, is Instagram. It's providing a great deal of assistance to many big brands and businesses with its visual appeal, high engagement, enormous popularity, and strict brand awareness enforcement.
Since 2010, Insta has seen a continuous uprise. According to the latest statistics, this photo and video sharing network has 1 billion monthly active users. This makes the platform a desirable outlet and an excellent opportunity for every marketer or business person who wants to spread awareness about his brand, services, or website. To get the maximum benefit of your links, we recommend using short, reliable, and trackable links. You can easily create shortened links using This way, you will be able to keep track of all your Instagram link performances. TinyAs Free URL Shortener will help you optimize your marketing efforts even further.
Please have a look at our step-by-step guide on how to create compelling short links: "Getting Started with"
As mentioned above, one of the simplest and most effective ways to add a link on Instagram is by simply adding it to your user profile. This link appears below your user bio. This way, whenever someone visits your profile, they can click through your link. It's a perfect marketing strategy to send your visitors to your desired website or landing page.
However, you cannot add direct clickable links to your posts. To make up for this, we suggest you add the most recent and relevant link in your profile that you want your audience to visit. Then simply add a message to your post saying, "Link is in the Bio!" This is the general approach preferred by some business entities and bloggers. Plus, it drives viewers to your profile.

Using Short Links on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search-based network becoming famous every instance among internet users. At sight, the platform may seem useless for brand promotions, but it is a secret weapon for online shopping. Many businesses are multiplying their sales via Pinterest. The reason is pretty simple. The majority of interest users are the people who are looking for a specific idea or product purposefully, not mindlessly. Its advantage is that it evokes emotions and grabs user attention with compelling images. A wide range of audience follows Pinterest to find out more about newly released products and offers. The secret is to encourage this audience to follow your marketing links.
Pinterest allows its users to add as many pins with clickable links to their Pinterest board as they want. However, the key is to use short links and add those Pins strategically to make the most out of it.
Whatever service or product you want to promote, short link to your account description so the users can easily visit it. Describe your image content with a catchy description and add a visually appealing image along with a short link to your website or landing page.

Wrapping Up

Short links or short URLs are more readable and comprise fewer characters. Short links not only increase engagements, traffic, and users of your business but are also considered a necessity of social media marketing and advertising. All you need is to find a strategy and reliable URL Shortener that best fits your current business requirements and helps you with long-term business goals.

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Published on: 5/15/21, 4:22 PM