Getting Started with TinyAs URL Shortener

Why Do You Need a URL Shortener?

Digital marketing whether it is social marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other kind of brand advertising, mainly works with links to generate leads. However, using a long-form and ugly looking URL for potential consumer engagement isn’t a smart choice to make. A short URL is more likely to do the trick. Because short URLs can easily fit in less content. Also, short links don’t look much complicated as compared to the lengthy URLs composed of random figures. Short URLs make the message more readable and professional. Therefore, whenever you are sharing a link, prefer sharing a short or compressed URL by a reliable URL Shortener to add more professionalism to your content promotion. is a highly specialized and reliable online URL Shortener and Link Management Platform that allows you to create extremely customizable, secure, and unique links compatible with your marketing needs. The innovative and totally free link management facilities and a completely cloud-based system is an edge of this platform. Here, you can not only create an attractive short link but also can track the results. Whether you are an individual marketer, brand, affiliate, web-developer, or any other specialist working in any industry, TinyAs works best for you. So, let’s dive in to get the most out of

Navigate the Homepage

tinyas link shortener is a one-stop Free URL Shortener and Link Management Platform, providing 100% ad-free direct redirects. The interface of this platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate even for newbies. To transform your long and unprofessional URL into a more concise, easily customizable tiny link, you just have to paste it into the field available at the centre of the home page. After pasting the long link, you can simply click on the "Shorten" button (button with arrow) available at the end of the field to continue. The "Enter" key from your keyboard can also be used.

User Registration

TinyAs helps your brand to establish a more professional identity by creating customized short links. However, to use Premium Features the user must register a TinyAs account. The account registration process is Free and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Signing up allows you to access multiple Premium Features totally Free. After filling the registration form press the “Register” button available at the bottom of the sign-up form. You will receive a confirmation email comprising a link. By clicking on the link your registration process will be complete and you will be able to access and experience all Premium Features. The amazing thing is, you don’t have to attach any payment method for premium functionalities. It means all Premium Features on the platform are absolutely Free.

register tinyas account

Navigate the Dashboard

After the successful completion of the user registration phase, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Here you will find some interesting general matrices on the top of the page including:

• Your total shortened links
• Total clicks over links
• Your bundles
• etc.

tinyas user dashboard

TinyAs aims to assist you in every regard. It provides you an overview of your top and most recent links. To get a high-level link overview, scroll down the main page of the user's dashboard. You will see important metrics including statistics, new links, and popular links. These metrics provide you a deeper analysis of your marketing campaigns. Which link is going on top? Which campaign requires optimization based on clicks, etc.

tinyas dashboard statistics

tinyas short link statistics

How to Shorten and Customize Link?

Tired of having long and distracting URLs? Instead of adding long strings of URLs in your marketing campaigns and content, use short URLs by TinyAs. Click on the "New Short Link" icon available at the top left corner of the navigation panel and get yourself a customized URL.

tinyas create short link

Extremely long web links are quite messy. Users typically avoid clicking on lengthy links because of the ongoing scamming issues. By using TinyAs Custom URL Shortener, you can significantly increase your Click-through Rate (CTR) by adding your brand identity in the URL instead of random numbers. The hint of branding into the links increases the consumer's level of trustworthiness. Just insert the desired keyword (make a custom slug) at the end of the short URL and press the “Shorten” button to get a customized URL. Copy the link and paste it into your content. allows you to have an exceptional first impression on your customers. Therefore, we offer some advanced options to help you stand out in your journey of success. You can create password-protected links and also can have access to the Smart Targeting feature. By using Smart Targeting, you can look beyond the limitations of clicks and can target the right audience and reach potential customers based on their geographical location, operating system, device, model type, browser, etc.

Link Management Platform

The top-most advantage of using our service is our efficient Link Management Platform. With state-of-the-art technology provided by our system, you can access real-time performance statistics (click data, GEOs, Referrers, Devices, Browsers, etc). This data helps you analyze from where your link is being clicked, when it is clicked, and how many times it’s been clicked. This way you can track the performance of your links associated with active marketing campaigns. To have the insights, click on the "Manage Links" tab then click "All Links". You can also edit and hide the links from here.

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Navigate the Campaign Statistics

Want to compare the performances of shortened links? TinyAs has simplified this process. Now you can easily track the performance of all your links with the TinyAs powerful graphical dashboard.
By clicking on the "Statistics" tab, you can select a time frame from a drop-down list and track links statistics by GEO, Referrer, Browser, OS, Language, Device, Model, etc. For instance, you can track the exact number of clicks on a certain link at any specific date. It also displays the Continent, State, and City details from where the link is being clicked. Every valuable detail is one click away.

tinyas detailed statistics

These statistics allow you to determine how your marketing campaign is performing. Which geographical location is paying off, and what interests your audience.

Manage Bundles

Using multiple links for different campaigns ends in creating confusion amongst the links. Which link was associated with which campaign? To avoid such mix-ups, you can utilize the "Manage Bundles" feature. It allows you to create multiple folders/bundles, so you can store your links let’s say by Category, Name, Brand, or any other memorable detail.

tinyas manage bundles

The further two features available in "Manage Bundles" are "All Bundles" and "Add Bundles". All bundles allow you to view your already created bundles while by using "Add Bundles" you can create new bundles.

Navigate the Mass Shrinker

Tired of shrinking one link at a time? Fortunately, we have a solution to that. "Mass Shrinker" is a feature by TinyAs that allows you to shorten multiple URLs at once. This smart feature saves you from the hassle of shortening various links one by one. Also, it can provide you with a great deal of help as it saves your time by producing more in less time.
You can find the "Mass Shrinker" in the "Tool" field. Click on the Shrinker and enjoy shrinking 5 links at once!

tinyas mass shrinker

You can also navigate the "Bookmarklet" option in the "Tools". This feature can assist you to shorten links directly from the browser without signing in to your TinyAs account. It’s a browser extension. Simply Click and Drag the "Bookmarklet" button from the user's dashboard to your browser's toolbar. One-click and your short links are ready!

tinyas bookmarklet

Almost every digital communication today relies on links. TinyAs Free URL Shortener and Link Management Platform understands the business needs and makes it easier to create, customize, and manage your links. With our powerful metrics and smart strategies, you can make data-driven and wise choices to maximize your digital growth.

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Published on: 11/24/20, 5:51 PM