How to Use Short Links to Stand Out

Wondering how to figure out the total number of visitors interacted with your website in the past month? How many clicks did your marketing campaign get? How many users came from social and affiliate campaigns?

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If you are a thriving website owner, you need to figure out the source of your website traffic. It gives you an idea about how effectively your marketing campaigns are working. Who are your potential customers, and what are their interests? For startups, it is usually hard to hire an expert who could understand the flow of website traffic and track it due to a lack of budget. However, now no matter what your marketing budget and technical skill levels are, you can do this by yourself. All you need is to trust a reliable URL shortener to stand out in the competition.
In this article, we will shed some light over URL shortener and how you can effectively use it in your business.

What are URL Shorteners?

URL shorteners are basically web applications enabling you to shrink your long and ugly looking URLs into fewer characters (learn how to navigate through the TinyAs URL Shortener dashboard). Short links not only look better in emails, marketing posts, and print media but also help you track your campaign progress.
However, not all URL shorteners provide tools for link tracking. Some of them only transform a long link into a short one. But many advanced URL shorteners show the complete statistics of incoming traffic from each link.
This capability is quite useful as it lets you create multiple links for specific purposes. For example, you have a link "". So, you want to run various marketing campaigns such as "email marketing" along with "social media" and check how many people have interacted with the link accordingly. But this link is too long, so you create two different short links for campaigns. One short link can be used with "email marketing", and the other, with the "social media" campaign. This way, you will be able to determine whether the traffic is coming from the "social media" or "email marketing" campaign.

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How and Where to Use Short Links?

Short and branded links boost brand recognition and customer interaction. It also simplifies the targeting process. Whether you plan about branded links in social media, email marketing, or offline marketing, here we have listed some of the smartest ways in which you can use short URLs to boost your brand awareness.

tinyas link shortener

Digital Branding

Some link shorteners provide you with an opportunity to put your brand or product name in the spotlight by using a custom slug or alias. It works by putting your brand or product identity as a keyword or several keywords in the short URL after slash instead of the random string of letters and numbers. Such links leave a better impression on the audience and increase engagement. It provides you with an opportunity to have a say of your brand or product in the URL, and the audience knows who the owner is and what they can expect after clicking the link. This increases the trust level and leads to a higher click-through rate.

Social Profiles

When it comes to social media, the struggle is real. You have to represent your brand identity and what is it about in minimal space. There you cannot add long links composed of random characters to illustrate your content.
URL shortener gives you the perfect way to grow your social media engagement with branded and customized links. Because these short links comprise of your brand name to stand out, so they are easily notable and give your profile a more professional look. Whether the profile is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can easily fit these links anywhere in your social posts to get a personalized touch and eventually, a steady flow of traffic.

Email Marketing

If you are an email marketer, short links can help you in two possible ways.

• By adding a branded link in the email text

The purpose of using short links in text is to engage the receivers into clicking a link. If you have been adding a long link in your emails, then don’t be surprised why your click-through rate is low. Usually, emails consisting of random numbers and characters are ended up in the spam folder. Using branded links for your email marketing can definitely reduce such risk. It also provides you with detailed statistics to compare the overall number of clicked emails.

• Adding short links to call-to-action buttons

This method can help you track advanced statistical data. With the help of this data, marketers can evaluate the recipient's behaviors.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is not much different than online advertising. It is also used to track the success of an ad. The excellent examples of offline marketing are billboards, business cards, flyers, different print marketing materials, etc.
In an offline advertisement, there is a limited space to print the letters. A long link does not go well with printed posts. In place of long URLs, short and specially branded links are quite handy.
As branded links are easily memorable, therefore they quickly grab viewers' attention. Users can easily type it in the browser and be redirected to your desired website. When the user is being redirected to the website, a new click will be added to your link statistic. So, you can also track your offline marketing success.


Podcasts are being increasingly popular these days. It has proved to be the most comfortable form of content for listeners and people with rigid working schedules. It provides the flexibility to interact with the content whenever the listener wants. The audience can listen to it whether they are driving, jogging, or while doing anything else. Cash-out this service by using customized short links instead of a forgettable string of alphanumeric characters. You just have to speak the branded link out loud, and the listener can easily remember it. This way, you can also track your audio promotions.


Short links give people a way to easily interact with your brand, product, or service. If you still haven’t used any shortening service, it’s high time to do so. Register a TinyAs account and enjoy all Premium Features absolutely Free.

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Published on: 12/7/20, 4:06 PM