How to Use URL Shorteners for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the unique ways of reaching new customers and connecting with the existing ones using social networks. Its end goal is attracting the desired clientele for your services or products.
But how do you fully optimize your content on social platforms to ensure it meets its intended goals?
While great content used to be the main thing marketers focused on, there are other, seemingly simple things that significantly affect your post's click rate.
For instance, clients don't like dealing with long and distracting URLs. And for this reason, making sure that you’ve shortened that URL will make a great deal of difference.
Also, most social media platforms offer a little space for writing just a few characters. So you need to utilize it and still represent your brand the best way possible. Thus, using long random characters can consume a lot of space that you would have otherwise better used to market your brand.
This is where URL shortener comes in handy to ensure that the massive traffic on your post or website also turns into clicks.
Whether you are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, here is how to optimize your URLs for maximum customer interaction and track the click rate using URL shorteners.

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1. Gathering Click Data

URL shorteners help to track time and date, number of clicks, locations, languages, top referrers, browsers, platforms, device types, etc.
By gaining insights about the people who click on them and understanding the number of link clicks will help to create more valuable content for future use.
Therefore, you can get a clear picture of the posts that attract more clicks and the ones that don't. This way, you can easily create content that attracts even more audiences.

2. Helps to Rewrite or Mask URLs

Users tend to give attention to shorter URLs as compared to the long ones. An extremely long link makes the user unsure whether or not to trust the link. The short URLs are used to mask long and ugly ones.
Marketers managing many social media pages can definitely put into use URL shorteners to make posts more professional.

3. Helps in Making Your Posts Attractive

Using short URLs on social media makes the post more appealing and user-friendly, and people are likely to click on it. That way, you can gain more traffic to your pages and reach a broad audience.

4. Helps in Making URLs Shorter

In simple terms, URL shorteners help to create URLs with fewer characters. For instance, when using Twitter, you can shorten links for your Twitter posts since each one counts, with a limited set of characters at your reach.
Customized short links are easier to remember as compared to the longer ones.

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5. Promotes Share-Ability

URL shorteners are becoming more integral in promoting sharing on socials. When the links are short, users more likely to reshare your posts on their timelines. People become inclined to share posts with short links than with long ones.

6. Helps in Improving Digital Branding

In most instances, users want to market either their personal or business online, and a URL shortener helps with that. One can use their brand names in all the links that they share.
A link that is branded helps in increasing brand awareness and improving trust with users. It also helps you get more likes on the content shared on various social media pages.

7. Helps in Driving Maximum Traffic

Users can promote their services, products, or blog posts with any of the links being shared. Shortening service helps to create short links that drive maximum traffic back to one's website.
Additionally, features like analysis on clicks, timings, channels, and cross-promotion help to optimize and drive traffic back to your website.
The 4:1 ratio is the thumb rule of marketing your product. This means that when you want to create and promote your product's visibility, one part should be about the brand and four parts, the general things relating to your field.

Why Choose TinyAs for Link Shortening

An example of a great service that helps you shorten URLs is
Some of the great features of this service include:

● It is easy to use, and you don't need any technical skills to shorten your links. You just need to paste your long URL into a specific field on the user's dashboard and wait for the service to generate a link for you.

● The TinyAs dashboard lets you share, analyze, track, and optimize your links. Not many URL shorteners services offer free link tracking service. TinyAs URL Shortener provides you with all the statistics of the engagements and traffic that each link generates.

● The platform is cloud-based and thus very reliable, fast, and secure. You only need to have an internet connection and can use the service with any device including PCs, iOs, and Android devices.

● Also, the platform is fully responsive, friendly, and mobile responsive. You don't need technical know-how to use the service.

● The service is entirely free, and you don't need a subscription fee to use it.

● You can shorten as many URLs as possible.

● You get unlimited monthly clicks.

● Secure links as the platform is 100% SSL certified.

● Enables you to create password-protected links.

● Opportunity to target the right audience by country, platform, device model and type, etc.

● Generate multiple short URLs at once.

● Use a browser extension to shrink links without login in to your account.

● Manage and organize marketing campaigns on the user's dashboard.


Social media networks are great platforms to do marketing. However, it’s important to know the little details that can make your campaigns more successful.
Using short URLs is one of the vital things for social media marketing. With these tips on how to use URL shorteners, you can be guaranteed better results for your marketing campaigns in terms of views, subscribers, and better rankings.

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Published on: 12/20/20, 11:04 PM