The Ultimate Guide to Use Short Links for SMS

SMS marketing and service notification have become a rapidly growing way used by brands to interact with customers. It is an excellent mode to engage potential clients. By using links for SMS marketing, you are not only able to deliver information but also to grab their attention towards your website, app, or anything else. However, URLs tend to be quite long. Such links quickly consume many valuable characters of your text message. Because a standard SMS can contain only 160 characters, long URLs make it challenging to deliver a suitable message.
To convey a persuasive message with links inside, you should consider to use a URL shortener.

ultimate guide to use short links for sms

SMS marketing is more productive than any other form of brand marketing. According to statistics, the SMS open rate is 98%. There are 90% chances that the delivered information will be read within the first three minutes. That makes SMS open rate efficiency 5x higher than the email.
In any marketing, the goal is not just to deliver the piece of information but to encourage the audience to take action. To boost your marketing engagement rate, you should have a few tricks and an overview of short links for SMS.
In this article, we will have a brief look at the following:

● What are short links for SMS?

● Why you should consider short links for SMS?

● How to track your SMS marketing campaign performance.

What are Short URLs for SMS?

short urls for sms

A short URL for SMS is a link that has a reduced number of characters. The sole purpose of these links is to convey more information with fewer characters. These links are shortened using a reliable URL shortener (e.g., and are inserted in text messages.
Short links are greatly benefiting the SMS marketing as it frees up more space for promotional offers. It extends the possibility of information you can convey in 160 characters. You can also refer to them as mobile links.
It is simply a short URL address, added in the SMS redirecting towards a web page, app, or brand offer.
For SMS marketing, usually, a high number of short and unique links are generated. The unique links help you to track your text messages and user engagement. These statistics include how many messages have been clicked, who has clicked, and which link or channel is the source of your conversations. And last but not least, what is the campaign success rate.
Some link embedded SMS are specially designed to engage a customer using a mobile device. These links are referred to as deep mobile links. The people who click on such links are direct mobile users. The deep mobile link leads the user to the content available within your application or towards the Play Store, encouraging to download an app. Mobile deep links are also preferred to be shortened for SMS communications. A branded and shortened mobile deep link creates a smoother experience for your audience.

Why Should You Consider Short Links for SMS?

Brand Impression

SMS and service notifications are a great way of marketing your brand presence. By using a link shortener, brands can level up this marketing. Not all of them, but some URL shorteners allow the user to generate branded links by adding custom slugs. Below is an example:

custom branded links

As you can see, instead of adding a random string of characters, you can add a more brand recognizable link. Businesses use custom links to increase their brand awareness all the time. Branded links leave a memorable and positive impact on the audience. It helps your brand to grow. The key benefit is whenever someone sees your link, a brand impression is delivered.
Branded links also increase the deliverability of text messages. Because in some regions, SMS providers consider unbranded short links as spam notifications; eventually, these SMS notifications are blocked.

Building Consumer Trust

Online scams are intensifying every day. Most of these scams work by redirecting a customer towards a site through a link. Branded links let the potential customer know that the link is directing them towards a reliable source or site. Random strings and ugly links make the message suspicious. The brand name in the short link ensures the audience and SMS provider can trust the SMS.
Basically, showing your audience where they are being redirected certifies that they are clicking on the right link. Many brands have achieved a high level of campaign success by using branded links in their marketing. Moreover, custom branded links typically have a higher CTR (click-through rate), as well as easily grab the attention of recipients.

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Character Count

SMS communications are a bit tricky. Brands have to be more creative to leave an inspiring impact in a limited space. You only have 160 characters to win a customer, so concision is the key. This is one of the most fundamental reasons why brands go for short links in SMS communication. Long links are impossible to fit in a single message. It also increases the SMS cost as you have to send multiple messages. Such links make it difficult for the recipient to decide whether they should trust the message or not.

Give the Recipient More

Messages can provide a piece of brief information to customers. However, sometimes the customer needs a bit more detail about the offer. It is where you need links. You can use short links to redirect the customer towards a page containing detailed information. Links can increase the engagement of your Facebook page, social media posts, or website content. Moreover, short URLs are more readable, appealing, and provide a professional look.

Scale with Your Business

Businesses are variable in nature. Every brand passionate to evolve grows with time. Eventually, you will need large quantities of messages. Short URLs scale with your business and enable you to create a unique link for every marketing campaign.

Bottom Line

SMS is an effective way to deliver your marketing message to a target audience with a few characters. Moreover, it can achieve massive reach and engagement that other marketing alternatives can only dream of. With enviable open rates, SMS marketing allows businesses to increase customer engagement and brand awareness. So, what are you waiting for? Start using short branded links in your SMS marketing to make reliable connections with your consumers today.

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Published on: 1/3/21, 3:44 PM