How to Grow Your Brand Using Short Links

One sure way to grow your business is through branding. This goes beyond creating an enticing logo with a unique tagline.
Branding involves different things, including creating product awareness, distinguishing it from the rest, and more. And you can do it even with links.
Every day, people share links through social media platforms, emails, texts, and more when they want to create brand awareness. Sharing custom branded links with your brand name in them, you create brand impressions with every link you share.
The more links you share, the more people are likely to view them. Hence, more people will recognize your brand name, resulting in more leads and, eventually, sales. And the shorter the link, the better. Studies show that using branded links increases the click-through rate by up to 40%.
Also, a custom link with your brand name makes it easy for users to identify your business when they see it. And if you’ve built credibility and people recognize your business as legit, they will feel confident clicking on the link.
Below are some of the various ways you can grow your brand using short links.

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Ways of Growing Your Brand Using Short Links

It Helps in Increasing Brand Visibility and Awareness

The more one custom shares links in various platforms, the more their brand is presented consistently. This, in turn, increases brand awareness as more potential consumers get to know about your products.
Customized links that have your brand name remain in your clients’ minds. The more you share the links through SMS, emails, social media, the more the potential clients will remember it when looking for the items you offer.

Increases Brand Name Recognition

The more you share customized links, the more brand impressions you create to prospective clients. This makes the brand name more recognized, and thus it gains more authority status. And hence, there will be an increase in the product’s demands.
Prospective clients can also spread the word and refer you to other people. This will continue to build more brand awareness.

Allows Content to Be Included in Different Platforms

A short customizable link lets users share their content through various platforms including social media networks, emails, messengers, SMS, and more. These avenues help in reaching more people.
Given that many services like WhatsApp, SMS, and social media platforms like Twitter allow users to write only a few characters, short links come in handy. The user will still be able to communicate their intentions and share links for people to click on to access more information about the brand.

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It Helps in Increasing Your Brand Trust

By having a custom branded link, the users will click on it as they trust that it will lead them to top quality and relevant content. This will help in growing your brand since there is mutual trust between you and the targeted audience. The more trust and credibility you build, the more the clients will recommend you to others.

Targeting People Who Have Never Visited Your Posts

With a custom branded link in place, you can easily target people who have never visited your social media posts before. This is because custom short links are friendly and people will not shy away.
This will help you market your brand and get to as many potential clients as possible. One can also share their links on as many platforms as possible.

Promotes Audience Engagement

Long links tend to drive away potential leads as they appear ugly and unenticing. But a short link with fewer characters is likely to engage more people hence making your brand recognizable. According to recent research, short links increase engagement by 39%.

It Helps in Keeping You in Clients' Minds

Using short custom links in your communication networks helps potential customers keep your brand name in mind. They are more likely to remember your brand the moment they see it, and hence they can use the link to promote your brand.

For Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is also a good strategy for branding campaigns. You can as well make use of short links when doing offline branding.
For instance, when designing a billboard or a brochure, you can use short customized links to your webpage or QR-codes. Manual typing in a browser or QR-codes will help in redirecting customers to your landing page.

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Key Takeaway

Growing your brand is one of the many benefits of link shortening. Short URLs are more manageable and easier to share across different marketing channels. Also, they look better and precise in marketing posts, emails, and print media. Moreover, the link management platform helps you to track your marketing campaign’s progress.
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Published on: 1/10/21, 4:06 PM