How to Use Short Links to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer means trying to absorb information from multiple sources in a short time. In such a situation keeping track of multiple affiliate links can be quite bothersome. You may need to login and logout on multiple sites to share your links on social media and other marketing channels.

how to use short links to boost your affiliate marketing

In case you are a bit more organized affiliate marketer, then there are chances that you are keeping track of your affiliate links by some other means. For example, keeping the links in a Word document or spreadsheet to use them later. But there are chances that your link is looking a bit like that:

Long, ugly, and something you cannot easily memorize … right?
For affiliate marketers, short URLs have many benefits. Besides the fact that short links are descriptive, they also have a considerable impact on the success of your affiliate marketing journey. It seems like a small detail but adds a layer of quality and professionalism to your content. The professionalism in your content is a deciding factor for the reader. Also, the conciseness of the link has a critical influence on whether the viewer follows the link or not.
In this article, we have revealed a few compelling reasons regarding the use of short links for affiliate marketing.

Boost Your Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Affiliate marketing works with affiliate IDs. This ID is a unique number used to track the different activities of your affiliate account. It's usually looks something like that:
Your commission is based on the number of customers clicking over the link. But such affiliate links can harm your marketing credibility and leave a negative impact on your audience. You might not be making a very smart decision by asking your viewers to click on a super long link composed of random URL parameters. The reader may believe it is some kind of online rip-off link.
Your post description may be very well written. So can be the image you have selected to attract the viewers. But if your link is giving any kind of the wrong impression, your click-through rate can greatly suffer.
The fact is you should never use long and unattractive links in your affiliate marketing. A short and descriptive link along with a custom slug has proved to be more efficient in the improvement of click-through rate. Moreover, it also helps in the improvement of your brand recognition.

Prevent a Negative Impact on Ranking

Search engine algorithms are quite complex. These algorithms consider a lot of factors before ranking any page on Google or other search engines. One of these factors is the number and quality of affiliate links present in your content.
In affiliate marketing traffic coming from affiliate links is directly associated with your commission. So, it is crucial to avoid any potential ranking issues.

search engine ranking

Sometimes long URL can cause search engine issues and this is likely to have a negative impact on the website ranking. Usually, a link is considered too long if it has more than 100 characters. Short links can definitely help you overcome such problems. Basically, the shorter and attractive link including relevant keywords tend to rank better than long URLs with random characters.
Moreover, short and concise link gives your website a more natural and professional look. In addition, you can always add a "nofollow" attribute to your shortened links to avoid any potential risks.

Link Theft Prevention

One of the major problems that an affiliate marketer has to face is link theft or link swapping. It happens when an affiliate link is removed or swapped with another link.
Links are usually swapped before a customer’s purchase is registered. This activity could be performed by an affiliate account. Individuals with bad intentions can also alter your link with their own. This makes you lose your hard-earned commission. Affiliate marketers take multiple measures to ensure fair trade practices. Still, scammers try to find a way to milk the system.
Creating short links with a reliable link shortener protects you from such scams. Link shortener transforms your long links into a short form. This way your affiliate link isn't visible in the Html. By using a short link, you ensure that your link cannot easily be removed or swapped. Eventually, your profit remains safe.

Make Link Management Easier

Depending on the start and end dates of a product, affiliate links do expire. Affiliate programs also change, or a business can discontinue selling a certain product. Keeping track of all these links changes can be really frustrating. Especially if you are trying to track the links over a spreadsheet.

link management

An affiliate marketer can be a member of more than one affiliate program. This makes it hard to keep track of which product belongs to which program.
Some link shorteners make it easy to update and categorize your links. Moreover, you can use a memorable title and description for each of the links. This description is not displayed as a part of your short links. The purpose is to help you stay organized and keep track of all your links in one place.

Increase Email Delivery Rate

Emails consisting of a random string of digits and characters usually triggers spam filters. Including a long affiliate link in your email might result in your message being blacklisted. This way an affiliate marketer not only loses an email but also the chance of winning a potential customer goes in vain.
Luckily, using a reliable URL shortener can greatly reduce the risk of your email being forwarded to the spam folder. So, it is advisable to shorten your long affiliate links before including them in any email marketing campaign.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing mainly relies on the trust and integrity of an affiliate marketing link. URL shorteners are crucial for any kind of social promotion. They make the link visually appealing and maintain your affiliate tracking. The most important reason to use a link shortener for your affiliate links is to protect your commission and link reliability.
Moreover, online scams are evolving over time. Though manual ways are available to get around these issues, a reliable and automated solution can save a great deal of time. Using short links not only gives you peace of mind but also ensures that your hard-earned revenue is not getting away!

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Published on: 1/17/21, 8:39 PM