Should You Consider Link Shorteners for E-Commerce?

The trend of using long URLs for the E-Commerce industry is going down by every instance. And it should be, as a random series of characters looked so spammy and old-fashioned. Transforming an ugly looking link with an effective URL shortener is a way to go these days. A short and concise URL with brand identity is more eye-catching in contrast to a long one.

Today, social media is on its raise. While you are representing your brand identity to potential buyers through social channels, every character counts. E-Commerce retailers have to be very creative in their approach towards the audience. In such a fast-evolving world, one simply cannot ignore the significance of a short link for marketing needs. Link shorteners provide more value to your content and make it more memorable for the viewer.

link shorteners for ecommerce

Link shorteners are more than just a simple tool providing tiny and notable links. A reliable link shortener (e.g. offers some additional services as well. These services include comprehensive campaign analytics, performance tracking, optimization according to gathered data, brand promotion through customized slugs, and much more. In this article, we will have a deeper look at the benefits of link shortener for the E-Commerce industry.

1. Short Links are More Meaningful

Building a strong online presence is all about being smart and concise. Now people prefer to acquire more information in less time. And successful E-Commerce dealers are the ones who know how to convey a strong brand identity in a few characters!
Long URLs make the message difficult to read. Obviously, such links make it hard to attract the potential customer. Especially if you are using social media for your promotion, users will be less likely to engage with your content. Due to the pretty ugly appearance of long links, they are a big challenge to the shareability of any content.
Unfortunately, E-Commerce links to products and services are usually very long and meaningless. Their spammy appearance prevents the audience from clicking on them. This is where URL shortener comes into play. URL shortener converts the irrelevant long links into a more readable form. It helps the brand to make a convincing first impression.

2. Link Shorteners and Brand Strategy

Marketing a brand-new product or an exciting offer to the customers in an attractive manner is vital to any business working online. The URL is basically a customer's first interaction with the brand or company. So, an attractive short link is critical for the success of any marketing campaign.
Link shortener not only develops the customer's trust and satisfaction with the product but also provides valuable marketing analytics. A nice and simple short link inspires the confidence of the viewers. The URL consisting of a brand or product name encourages the potential buyers to click on the link. Some reliable link shorteners offer smart targeting that helps businesses to reach the right audience.
If you desire to establish a brand name, get creative. Work with a reliable link shortener to create customized and attractive links for your marketing campaigns.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

No matter how good your marketing is, it is entirely useless unless it increases the conversion rate. Speak for yourself, what is the purpose of marketing when you are unable to sell anything?
A long URL badly affects the conversation rate. Even if your content is of top quality, the user might hesitate to buy anything from you.
A short link helps you to optimize your conversation rate. Many link shorteners can provide you some important stats about each and every link used in your marketing campaign. These statistics are quite useful in helping users to post content for maximum reach and engagement.
The statistics report includes:

• Number of clicks on a specific link

• The exact time of the day

• Day of the week

• Location of the potential client

• Device type, device name

• Operating system, browser

• etc.

Overall, link shorteners are proved to be a valuable tool for marketing professionals and E-Commerce dealers. Short, attractive, and relevant links are not only seen as more trustworthy but also play a great role in conversion rate optimization.

conversion rate optimization

4. Makes Your Product More Appealing

E-Commerce works with interconnected social networks. Your customer may reach you through any platform. The addition of a long and clumsy-looking link makes your product suspicious and therefore the traffic bounces even before clicking the link. If you have a large E-Commerce site with lots and lots of products, there is a big chance that your product’s link looks something like that:

Now, simply visualize your marketing campaign with a such long URL. Is it shareable or appealing to click on?

As you see, the long product URL is nothing but an eyesore, especially for your product line marketing. Instead, a short customize URL (e.g is more efficient in pulling traffic towards your product or service as it has more chances of being clicked.

5. Better Tracking

Establishing an e-commerce business without any promotional campaign is a slow approach to your success. You know you are struggling but nobody else does!
Link shorteners allow users to track multiple links simultaneously thereby making it possible to figure out which campaigns are rewarding. For example, offers a full suite of advanced analytic tools along with ad-free direct redirects using a more notable URL address absolutely Free of charge.
Basically, a reliable link shortener is a perfect solution for businesses trying to thrive online. It enables brands to measure the effectiveness of campaigns with accurate insights.

Using the Right Link Shortener

While sharing some content online, especially as a brand, keep in mind the audience will judge every aspect of your marketing campaign. From the hashtag to the product description or even the link appearance, everything matters a lot. So, to get the most out of your E-Commerce business, take a moment, and think about how your link is going to look in your marketing post.
Now that you know how vital a URL shortener can be, try to find the right URL shortener for your business. Only trust a reliable URL shortener to improve your brand presence.
Your brand will surely thrive in the right direction. Just make sure the consumers are seeing only what you want them to see!

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Published on: 1/24/21, 6:25 PM