Quick Guide for Using Short Links in Your Video Content

From traditional television marketing to today's YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook live, video content creation has become a key ingredient of our marketing strategies. And why not? It is not only convenient for the consumer but also provides the marketers with an attractive and versatile medium to reach the audience. According to different researches around 70%+ of marketers use video content as an integral part of their marketing strategies.

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YouTube has always been a source of quality and free education along with entertainment. But now it's making it spot as an essential tool for marketers. Whether you are planning to use YouTube for yourself or your business, the use of short links can make the most out of it and help you drive unique visitors to your content. Today we will walk you through the strategies to reap the benefit of your marketing by applying short URLs to video content.

Why Use Short Links in Video Content?

With more than 2 billion active user databases, YouTube is taking over the world of video marketing. According to the latest reports, almost half of all marketers are planning to use YouTube as their marketing tool over the next 12 months. This not only signifies the importance of YouTube but also provides you with an opportunity to increase your outreach by effective implementation of links within the video content.
Video creation is itself an amazing marketing strategy and if combined with an attractive short link, such content is most likely to lead to conversions, or at least attract user’s attention.
Short links pursue more viewers to visit the website or landing page. They are more attractive than standard long URLs. Here are some other advantages of using short links in your video content.

• Better Outlook

Long links are not only wordy but are also hard to memorize. Shortening them in a more acceptable form gives you more space for the marketing message you want to share with the audience. Easily readable and custom-made links definitely attract more clicks. Different studies show that branded URLs increase the click-through rate by up to almost 40%. In addition, branded custom links are a great way of growing brand recognition.

• Short Links are Optimized for Social Sharing

Social media success depends on a few factors. Make the content easy for people to access and share! Short YouTube URLs will allow the audience to easily click, copy, and share your content link. These links also take up less room in your post, so you can include as many links as you need.

Ways to Use Short Links in Your Video Content

1. Video Description

The description is a primary step in the promotion of any content, video, website blog, or social channel. It is considered a key measure for SEO optimization and content promotion. By using a short link in your description, you can increase the click rate of specified links. A short and concise link will help the user not to get distracted by other recommended videos. For high-performing links, make sure you include some catchy phrases and trending keywords in your description. You can also add a short URL to your YouTube channel description with a motivating call-to-action for the viewers to subscribe to your channel. For better outcomes, never overload your description with long ugly links as it may appear like spam.

2. QR Codes

Adding a QR code to your video content is a great way to grab the attention of your audience. You can consider the QR code as a link but in image form. Instead of using a string of text, the user can simply scan the code to open a particular content or website. The simplicity makes it ideal to use in video content.
QR codes are a great way to optimize any marketing strategy. Their creation and implementations are quite easy and interesting. It removes several steps for the viewers and makes the content easily accessible as there is no need to remember a URL or to manually type anything. You can swiftly create and implement QR codes in your videos by using TinyAs Free URL Shortener. The procedure is similar to adding any other image to your video content.

3. Use External Link Features

YouTube doesn't allow annotations to videos anymore. But you can still implement external clickable links in your video content by using YouTube's link card feature. By using this feature you can add external links to any content or website at the very end of your video. This link card feature is a great way to drive traffic towards your site. It also serves as a strong call-to-action.
Instagram provides the facility to use incorporate links. With a database of more than 1 billion users, Instagram allows creating clickable stories. If you are using a shopping approved account on Instagram you can include short links in your posts as well. These methods are not only great for spreading the word but are also great to target any audience organically.


To maintain a steady flow of traffic you can leave short links to your site in the YouTube comments section. Short links are ideal in this case as they prevent you from being banned as a scam. However, before commenting on YouTube make sure you have read YouTube policies and safety.
Another benefit of using short links is the promotion of your YouTube video through Twitter. Twitter post limits to 140 characters. By using short links you can promote your YouTube video on a Twitter post in fewer characters. Short links also allow you how to hide your affiliate links, or UTM parameters.

Bottom Line:

The significance of online video is hard to ignore. By producing quality video content you can raise your engagement level and reach a greater audience throughout the globe. Therefore, it is essential to make effective use of video content to drive more conversions and increase website traffic organically. YouTube is a great platform to express opinions, share material, listen to music, hold live sessions, and engage through comments. Integrate your YouTube content marketing strategy with TinyAs.com to get the most out of your video promotion.

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Published on: 2/7/21, 5:05 PM