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Wondering how to figure out the total number of visitors interacted with your website in the past month? How many clicks did your marketing campaign get? How many users came from social and affiliate campaigns?
If you are a thriving website owner, you need to figure out the source of your website traffic. It gives you an idea about how effectively your marketing campaigns are working. Who are your potential customers, and what are their interests? For start-ups, it is usually hard to hire an expert who could understand the flow of website traffic and track it due to a lack of budget. However, now no matter what your marketing budget and technical skill levels are, you can do this by yourself. All you need is to trust a reliable URL shortener to stand out in the competition. Find Out More … » » »

Published on: 12/7/20, 4:06 PM

Digital marketing whether it is social marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other kind of brand advertising, mainly works with links to generate leads. However, using a long-form and ugly looking URL for potential consumer engagement isn’t a smart choice to make. A short URL is more likely to do the trick. Because short URLs can easily fit in less content. Also, short links don’t look much complicated as compared to the lengthy URLs composed of random figures. Short URLs make the message more readable and professional. Therefore, whenever you are sharing a link, prefer sharing a short or compressed URL by a reliable URL Shortener to add more professionalism to your content promotion.
So, let’s dive in to get the most out of TinyAs Link Management Platform. Read the Beginner's Guide … » » »

Published on: 11/24/20, 5:51 PM

- Have a problem fitting the long URLs into your social media posts?
- Have long and ugly affiliate links that you want to hide?
- Would you like to make look of your shared links more professional?
- Want to target the right audience with customized smart links?
- Would you like to track results in real time?

There is a solution for Brands, Digital Marketers, Web Developers, Social Media Marketers, Content Writers, Affiliate Marketers, Influencers, Freelancers, E-commerce stores and other professionals to get total control over all the links you shorten and share across your marketing channels. Watch the TinyAs Explainer Video … » » »

Published on: 11/22/20, 8:16 PM