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TinyAs Free Custom URL Shortener

TinyAs brings to you an online platform that provides URL shortening services for businesses and individuals with the facility of generating highly customizable, secure, and unique short links along with complete link management solutions – Absolutely FREE! Our user-friendly interface makes it easier for everybody to get their desired custom tiny link without being a web or tech expert. The system implements comprehensive analytics without compromising its effectiveness, as well as the shortened links remain recognizable which maintains the brand’s identity.

Frankly speaking, we know very well, when it comes to online business, every second and every link counts! Therefore, we offer state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions for your business needs, provide only direct redirects without any delays and annoying ads in the middle. Our tiny links are smarter and more customized to bring in targeted traffic to the desired destination. No more need to send those long irritating links to anyone. Try our custom links today and make an impression to start with!

   Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR)
   Build Brand Loyalty
   Drive More Targeted Traffic
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Why Short Links?

With the market getting more competitive by the days, it is critical to stay ahead of your game with smarter choices. TinyAs offers to provide you with a solution that you have been looking for.

Use our services to acquire shorter links and make your marketing more manageable, getting rid of that messy and untrustworthy image that is created because of long, boring, all-over-the-place links.

Short Links make marketing of products easier, help to save space in your marketing message, as the longer links take most of the space in content that is delivered via emails, social media posts, or through other media. In addition, custom links allow you to incorporate SEO keywords into your link, boost search engine ranking, and build brand awareness among potential customers. Now, you can also use short URLs to redirect visitors to a specific part of your website or a single product page.

You can create a variety of custom short links, to enable exact tracking of your traffic sources. Our innovative link management platform provides you with critical analytic data that can help you analyze the performance of your tiny links. So, with every click, users now get to know more about the target audience and their interests which further helps in building better products according to market requirements.

Moreover, if you are looking for specific short links for every social media TinyAs has your back as our links could be integrated with every digital platform and work without any hassle.

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Why TinyAs URL Shortener & Link Management Platform?

Deliver your marketing message to target audience in an ad-free and brand-safe environment, drive more quality traffic, increase CTR and build brand awareness using custom tiny links. Get instant access to all premium features without the need for a paid upgrade.

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Our Vision & Mission

We visualize the growth of your business as the core metric of our success. Our mission is to be the best of our version and lead the market with the support of our consumers without whom we are nothing. We continue to strive with an optimistic mindset, building stronger and efficient solutions for your business needs.

Our Customer Service

We, as a team of professionals, continuously strive to make ourselves better by using new technology and making our system more user friendly, introducing enhanced functionalities and features in our URL shortening services. Our experienced tech team is always working on enhancing the customer experience by using anti-fraud and anti-phishing algorithms, blacklisting, as well as data encryption to guard user’s links from malicious acts.

We care for our customers by applying strict measures for guaranteed privacy. For us, retaining current customers is a priority and it is reflected in our services as well.

While our services remain free for our valuable clients, we still ensure quality and compromising on it is never an option.

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In our fast-paced world, a unique identity helps in getting noticed and gives an edge to your product. Register your TinyAs account and customize your links using our Premium Features absolutely Free.

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