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Link Management Platform Features

When choosing a URL shortening platform, it is important that you understand what it could do for you. There are many features that the TinyAs Free URL Shortener offers, so it is better for you to carefully read each of them so that you could use them at your advantage. Each of those features has different functions and benefits. Some features help you build strong brand awareness, while others ensure that you have a significant conversion rate that you can be proud of.

With our state-of-the-art technology and useful URL shortening tools, you can establish a successful marketing campaign while consequently tracking the campaign performance and regularly evaluate its effectiveness. This allows you to carry out continuous improvement to your marketing campaign.

Here, we are offering many valuable features, that we believe, would be the key for your campaign success. You can learn about each one of them better in the following section.

      TinyAs Free URL Shortener Features      

  •    Feature-Rich Link Management Platform    –    complete control over your links in one place.
  •    Powerful Graphical Dashboard    –    shorten, share, track, analyze and optimize your links.
  •    Fully-Responsive    –    user-friendly and mobile responsive website.
  •    Cloud-Hosted Solution    –    reliable, fast and secure direct redirects.
  •    Easy-to-Use    –    No tech skills required, shorten your links on the fly with TinyAs Free URL Shortener.
  •    Anonymous Usage    –    No sign up required.
  •    100% FREE Service    –    No subscription fees. Free “Premium Features” for registered users.
  •    Ad-FREE Direct Redirects    –    we do not display ads while redirecting.
  •    Unlimited URLs    –    shorten as many links as you want. TinyAs Free URL Shortener has No restrictions even for commercial use.
  •    Unlimited Monthly Clicks    –    unlimited monthly direct redirects.
  •    Unlimited Custom Branded Slugs    –    create unlimited custom links using your own keywords (custom aliases).
  •    Secure Links    –    100% Free SSL certificate.
  •    Private Links    –    create password protected links.
  •    Smart Targeting (Smart Links)    –    vast targeting capabilities for traffic routing available:

    - by Country
    - by Operating System
    - by Device Type
    - by Device Model
    - etc.
  •    Advanced Analytics & Reports:    –    powerful graphical dashboard; real-time reporting and analysis:

    - by Continents
    - by Countries
    - by States
    - by Cities
    - by Platforms
    - by Device Brand
    - by Device Name
    - by Referrers
    - by Browsers
    - by Social Media Networks
    - etc.
  •    Built-in QR Code Generator    –    QR Codes give you quick access to a landing page without having to type or remember the web address of your link. Any QR Code Reader app installed on your mobile device can read TinyAs scan QR codes. QR Codes can be used to link to a text, multimedia, printed materials, email signatures, business cards, specific landing pages, websites, social media platforms, advertising campaigns and other marketing channels.
  •    Editable Links in Real-Time    –    edit link’s password, title, description, bundles, manage targeting options, hide/unhide links, and much more …
  •    Editable Destination URL    –    add, remove or edit the destination of shortened links using “Smart Targeting” feature.
  •    Multiple Short URLs (Mass Shrinker Tool)    –    create multiple short URLs linked to the same destination.
  •    Campaign Management (Bundles)    –    organize and manage your marketing campaigns.
  •    Link Search    –    find links using "Search Box" on user’s dashboard.
  •    Browser Extension    –    click and drag the “Bookmarklet Button” to your browser’s toolbar to shorten long URLs outside of user’s dashboard.
  •    Blacklisting Automation    –    our system blocks abusers immediately on different platform levels.
  •    Media Guard    –    anti-phishing, anti-malware and anti-spam protection. TinyAs Free Custom URL Shortener uses reliable, industry-leading 3rd-party providers to protect its users from suspicious links.
  •    Account Management    –    manage your account information.
  •    and many more useful features ...

Shorten Your Links in a Brand Safe Environment

Are you having recurring issues with the conversion rate of your current marketing campaign? Have you ever wondered why your website’s traffic hasn’t been as expected?

Well, you’re not the only one. Marketers often find issues when it comes to gaining traffic from the short links that they create.

Most of the times, the issue is in the fact that your links are just too long that it prevents users to click it, let alone having the intention of buying what you’re offering.

That is why we present you with TinyAs Custom Free URL Shortener.

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TinyAs Free Custom URL Shortener

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