General Questions
TinyAs is a Free Custom URL Shortener and feature-rich Link Management Platform. This is a one-stop links management solution. You can shorten long URLs, customize smart links, create smart redirects using vast targeting capabilities, track and optimize your tiny links performance in one place. Shorten URL service is useful for affiliate programs, ads, social media posts, emails, text messages (SMS), digital marketing campaigns, web development, print materials (such as flyers, business cards, etc.), and many more.
Currently, a registered Free TinyAs account allows you to short long URLs with a monthly limit - 1500 long URLs per registered account (max. 50 long URLs per day), customize shorten URLs according to your business needs, use "smart targeting" features (target your marketing campaigns to the right audience), track your campaigns performance, and much more. In short, if you register a new TinyAs account you will have an access to platform's Premium Features absolutely Free. Please note: you can register only one account under the same name, email and IP. We reserve the right to delete additional accounts (if we find such abuse).
It's easy to get started with TinyAs URL Shortener. Please follow the steps below:
  • Go to
  • Click "Sign Up" button
  • TinyAs will send you an automatic confirmation email to verify your new account. All you need to do is to click on the link in the email and you can get started. When it’s done you will be able to use all Premium Features absolutely Free.
Login to your TinyAs account and change your existing password under the "Settings" tab at any time.
Login to your TinyAs account and change your account’s email address under the "Settings" tab at any time.
You need to contact us with a request to delete your account. Please specify a reason for your cancellation.
Your account can be blocked without further notice due to illegal or suspicious spam activity might have been detected in your account. Moreover, TinyAs abuse team blocks all links that are against the TinyAs Terms & Conditions, or we received a 3rd-party notice that the certain link is used in spam. Therefore, please read carefully the TinyAs Terms & Conditions to keep your account and links active at all time. We have absolutely zero tolerance policy on any abuse.
As stated above, TinyAs URL Shortener has a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of links abuse. Please contact us with a suspicious link URL and provide more details about the abuse (e.g. spam, phishing, malware, spyware, pharming, illegal, suspicious, adult, etc.), we will block abuser immediately.

Link Management Platform
You can shorten 150 long URLs monthly (max. 5 long URLs per day), but you won't be able to use platform's Premium Features and have an access to in-depth analytics. Also, just keep in mind that there is no actual guarantee that your links shortened anonymously will "never expire". Moreover, if your published/shared shorten link has more than 100 clicks a day you need to register an account, otherwise your link may be deactivated. Create a new TinyAs account today, and take your business to the next level.
Your links will never expire if you have an active TinyAs account (some shorten links might be expired if there is no even one click on it during the last 90 days). In other words, as long as TinyAs is in a business and you have active TinyAs account, your links will remain live. Therefore, we strongly recommend to register your TinyAs account to make sure that your links remain active at all time.
If you have an active TinyAs account you will be definitely able to edit your shorten links under “Manage Links” tab on user's dashboard.
We protect the TinyAs links quality and all our users. Therefore, we do not allow to delete active links, but you can hide/unhide your links within the platform under “Manage Links” tab on user's dashboard.
Registered users have an ability to edit the short URL destination even after a tiny link has been shared, but without changing the long URL.
We allow registered users to create bundles. The feature allows you to group/organize special links by folders on a distinct page. You can add, delete and manage existing bundles under “Manage Bundles” tab on user's dashboard.
Using custom slug or custom alias in a short URL is an effective way to promote your product or brand among potential customers. Custom slug refer to the part of your link that comes after your domain extension. One of the benefits of using the right slug is that you could create a branded link on your own using a specific keyword or keywords at the end of your shorten URL. Obviously, the branded link will be more memorable for your target audience.
Protect your shortened URLs with password protection. You can do this by limiting number of users with an access to important or sensitive information. TinyAs offers this function for your all your shortened links. So, if you want to limit contact to any information on a particular page, you can create a password on the related short link. Our password protection feature is available for all registered users absolutely Free.
"Smart Link" feature is designed to help you manage targeted traffic quickly and easily. You can route traffic to the right audience based on geo-targeting, device, operating system, etc. With "Smart Targeting" tool, you are assured that each click is profitable. So, when a traffic source does not work as expected and redirects untargeted traffic, the "Smart Targeting" feature will redirect traffic to the appropriate landing page and helps to convert your resources into a profitable activity. This feature available for registered users only.
Please follow the steps below:
  • Login to your TinyAs account
  • Create a new short link
  • Click on "Advanced" button
  • Select targeting options you want to apply to the link and add landing page destination URL. You can apply as many targeting options and landing page URLs to the link as you want according to your marketing needs.
  • Press "Shorten" button
  • Share your "Smart Link" across marketing channels you need. Your "Smart Link" will be only shown to visitors according to targeting preferences you set on the TinyAs link management platform.
  • Track your "Smart Link's" performance and audience engagement on the TinyAs analytics dashboard
Yes, all TinyAs links are case sensitive. It means if you created link "", then "" won't work and click on this link brings visitor you to a 404-error page.
QR Code is a scannable square image that can instantly be read using a smartphone camera. The QR Code is becoming more and more widely accepted nowadays. That is why we adopted this technology into our tools. You can find and use QR Code on the selected short link's statistics page (under "Manage Links" tab). Click "Stats" link under your shorten URL on the “Manage Links” page and you will be redirected to the statistics page with unique QR Code for this shorten URL.
Short links directly from your browser without the need to be logged into your TinyAs URL Shortener account. Users can drag a bookmarklet tool to their bookmarks toolbar and immediately shorten the URL from the webpage they are visiting. Once you have the bookmarklet tool in your bookmark toolbar, you can easily use it when you are on a webpage you want to share. Simply click and drag the "Bookmarklet" button into your browsers bookmark toolbar. You can find "Bookmarklet" button under "Tools" tab on user's dashboard. The integration is compatible with the most web browsers and platforms as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow JavaScript. However, the "links toolbar" may not be visible in some browsers, you can enable your browsers bookmark toolbar as following:
- In Firefox by clicking >>> View menu >>> Toolbars menu of your web browser.
- In Google Chrome you need to go to Settings >>> click the Show Bookmarks slider.
You can search your links through the "Search" box under "Manage Links" tab at the top of your dashboard. You can also apply several filters for your search on this page.
We have API for developers, but currently this feature is inactive for public use.
Analytics & Reporting
Statistics is shown in real-time with 15 minutes delay.
By default, TinyAs shows statistics in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Take advantage of TinyAs Link Management Platform to make smarter data-driven decisions on how and where to share your custom shorten links with higher return. Use TinyAs statistics to analyze and optimize your links performance. You can select specific time frame and view visitors/clciks by Location (Countries, States, Cities), Referrer, Browser, Platform (OS), Language, Device Type, Device Brand, Device Name and Social Media Network. Moreover, you can view Total Links, Total Clicks, Total Bundles, Popular Short URLs, etc. for a certain period of time.
Unique clicks are the total number of visitors who have clicked on your short URL only once during the 24 hours period. Repeated clicks on your tiny links within 24 hours time frame are not considered as unique.
Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a ratio of total impressions to clicks. This is an essential metric in digital marketing to monitor campaign performance. It’s widely used by digital marketing professionals.

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